25 Sneaky Ways to Boost your Physical Activity and Feel Like a Queen

Push ups for physical activity Kristi Joy Wilkins

You know you need to increase your physical activity to feel strong, sacred, and sensual. You know that sitting on your ass causes and/or worsens all manner of physical illness from arthritis, to back pain, to depression,  to diabetes, to heart disease, to obesity, to osteoporosis, to the dreaded flat butt disease.

Increasing your physical activity doesn’t just mean lifting weights 3x per week or doing high intensity intervals –although that is important. You need to include easy movement and physical activity throughout your day to get the benefits.

The benefits of being physically fit and active include: fat loss, increased muscle and bone mass, increased strength, decreased pain, increased sense of well being, better sex, more sex, the feeling that you can leap tall buildings in a single bound, and feeling like you are Queen of Everything. Don’t take my word for it though…DO IT!



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The problem is that your time is precious, and you’re already struggling to get those few dedicated workout hours in per week.

The solution is to be suh-nee-kay.  Do small chunks of movement wherever you are throughout the day. Wherever you are. Home, work, doctor’s office, on a hot date–definitely on the hot date. Get down on the floor (especially on the hot date).  Do arm circles. Walk. You judge what’s appropriate for you. (I do bodyweight single leg hip thrusts in the hallway at the allergy clinic. And I do single leg box jumps up the stairs, and jump off the bannisters–but shhh! don’t tell them)

If it is one of your life priorities to be strong, sacred, and sensual, then you need to

Make movement an everyday part of your life. Not because you have to, but simply for the sheer joy of moving. Tweet This!

It is what you do in all the hours in between your workout times that makes the biggest difference in your overall physical activity levels, your mobility, and your (happy) longevity.

25 Sneaky Ways to Increase your Physical Activity

1. Try some of these really great yoga poses.

2. Walk for 5-10 minutes after every meal.

3. Roll out of bed and do the Joint Mobility Routine.

4. Do the joint mobility routine on your “off” days from high intensity intervals or lifting weights.

5. Do some barefoot walking instead of driving.

6. Bike instead of driving.

7. Stop sitting! Instead use your chair for lap dances and box jumps.

8. Jump on a rebounder.

9. Jump on a trampoline. Try a flip just for fun!

(thanks to the neighbors for the use of their trampoline!)

10. Hold walking meetings.

11. Convert your desk to a standing desk (you’ll move more).

12. Grow a garden

13. Raise chickens (scratch that!)

14. Have more children so you’ll be obligated to chase them around. (on second thought don’t do that either)

15. Get a dog so you’ll have to walk the dog. (at your own risk, unlike the chickens and the children, I have no experience with this)

16. Go to the playground with the kids you do have and actually USE the playground equipment. (Put your phone away)

17. Climb the monkey bars and do some push ups at the top.

18. Do some pull ups while you’re at it.

19. Get down on the floor and do some simple leg raises.

20. Get down on the floor and do bodyweight glute bridges.

21. Have more ecstatic sex–of course one of my favorites! ( And remember, life’s too short to have bad sex.)

22. Learn a new skill you’ve always wanted to learn. Skateboarding, hooping, dancing, ice skating, rock climbing, parkour, skiing– take your pick. You don’t have to be good at it, just start doing it.

23. If you do desk work, set your timer for every 30 minutes to remind you to stand up and stretch move around. Take short walking breaks every hour.

24. Remove the chairs in your home and workplace.

25. Take breathing breaks. Breathing is so important (duh) and full diaphragmatic breathing is so underestimated.


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Take Aways

      • Move more, EVERY DAY
      • Find a movement form you love and do it!
      • Include multiple small chunks, of simple, easy, and fun movement as part of every day.
      • Being physically fit will make you feel like you are Queen of Everything–go ahead–wear the crown. I am.

pink hair and crown Kristi Joy Wilkins

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