Badass and Beautiful–What I’m Working on for You…

This month marks 6 months since this website went live on June 17, with this very short and humble first post…Step by Step Workout Plan for Getting Stronger.

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So here’s what I’m working on now, and what’s coming up for YOU

  • I’ve expanded my studio space so that I have room for more equipment and more movement. We are working on setting that up now and gettin’ it all purty for you! I promise there will be pictures coming.


  • Once the new space is ready, we’ll be shooting some new photos for the website and getting up a new design for the website. Sneak peak of the new studio…

Guess who is the proud owner of this barbell?

  • I’ll be shooting some more videos for you–some intelligent, some goofy, hopefully all inspiring, informative, and kick-ass.


  • I’m working on rolling out Be a Divine Badass.  Be a Divine Badass is a 12 week program that will transform your physique into strong, sexy curves, and you into a Divine Badass! Be a Divine Badass is a meet in person, one- on-one program, not an online program. Want more on this? Contact me!


  • And I’m working on rolling out another more extensive, 6 month program, that will cover everythingmovement, strength training, corrective work, manual therapy (massage), nutrition, and changing your negative mindset. Are you interested in investing in yourself and totally changing your physique, your health, and your attitude (to kick ass)? Contact me!


  • And of course more blog posts will be coming in the New Year.

Personally, what I’m working on in my own life (yeah, besides all of the above, I know crazy, right?!!)

  • relationship stuff: (gotta do that cuz where would we be without people to love and support and people to love and support us?) Spending time with and getting into the nitty gritty (which could mean many things–wink, wink) with the J-man (Guardian of my Soul), and my Sweet Girlfriends who welcome me in with no judgement as to the state of my house (or theirs :) ) or my particular foibles and failings. And, of course, doing my best to love on my Girl Child and my Boy Child who shine like stars even as they drive their Momma to the looney bin.


  • My physical training:  I’ve been following a modified version of Mark Rippetoe’s Starting Strength model. To this model, I’ve added barbell hip thrusts or glute bridges a la Bret Contreras to increase the size, roundness, and perkiness of my booty. I’ve hit a few new milestones. My new back squat PR is now 170lbs for 3 sets of 5.  Overhead press PR is 80lbs for 3 sets of 4.  Hip thrust 200lbs for 8 reps. My easy strength gains are behind me now.  I’m entering into the intermediate trainee stage and need to start micro loading and changing up the sets and reps a bit to keep seeing progress.

As I take steps forward toward my dreams, some big bogey men are coming out of the closet for me: self-worth, self-image, body-image–yeah those ones. The movement thing, the strength training thing, the learning, and the sharing what I learn–that comes naturally to me—but the biz side, the marketing, the believing that I have something of value to offer, and valuing my services enough to charge a living wage for it? Those things are tough.

My motto right now is: Feel the fear and do it anyway! And–of course–

Life’s not Fair–Kick Ass Anyway!

So what are you gonna do?? Are you gonna kick ass in 2015? Are you gonna follow your dreams regardless? Are you gonna drop your excuses, climb over the obstacles, and do what you really want to do?? Are you gonna Be A Divine Badass??


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