Building Muscle in the Booty or How to Put Junk in your Trunk

building muscle in booty Kristi Joy Wilkins

After 6 weeks of heavy hip thrusts and glute bridges. It may not be much but I’m proud of it.

Building muscle in the booty is a favorite topic of mine lately.

Very few of us are gifted with junk in the trunk, and Goddess bless you if you are–the rest of us have to work hard at it. Most people, men and women, will lose any roundness they do have as they age and sit all day.

Even if you are relatively active, or even if you are very active, and have  muscular arms, legs, and abs, your butt may still be lacking as much shape as you’d like.


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And it’s not just about the aesthetics, building muscle in the booty will keep away low back pain, knee pain, and hip pain, and will make everything you do stronger and more explosive.

Moving well in the hips is key for having a healthy pain-free body.

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Take a look around the next time you go out to the coffee shop, the grocery. How many truly great looking asses do you see? (I give you permission to look at people’s butts–come on, you’re checking people out anyway…)

Chances are, you will see mostly pancake ass on women, and no ass on men (“Dude, somebody stole your butt!”).  I am constantly checking people out–physique, alignment, movement quality–hey, it’s what I do…

A round, firm butt is pretty much number 1 in sex appeal for me (along with intelligence, compassion, and a commitment to relentless personal growth. I also like gray hair, beards, and–ah but I digress…).

The glutes are really lazy and need tremendous targeted work to gain size and shape.

Building Muscle in the Booty

You need to be building muscle in your booty for a strong shapely ass. Start with bodyweight glute bridges, hip thrusts, single leg glute bridges, and single leg hip thrusts.


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Move on to kettlebell deadlifts, goblet squats, kettlebell swings, single leg deadlifts, then progress to weighted barbell glute bridges, and hip thrusts.

Bodyweight glute exercises alone are going to be ineffective after a very short while. They will not create that coveted “pop” in the booty. Trust me, I’ve just lately started adding heavy hip thrusts and glute bridges and I’m seeing a huge difference!

Any consistent effort is going to make a difference if you are just starting out, but please note: Your glutes are the largest and most powerful muscles in your body. They are not going to continue to respond to body weight exercises or 10lb weights. You MUST add significant weight.

Here’s the Queen of glute exercises, the barbell hip thrust…

How to Build a Round Ass

  • You MUST do heavy hip thrusts and heavy glute bridges. Start with body weight versions, but you must add weight to see progress! Your glutes will not contract to their full capacity with body weight alone.


  • Yes, you also need to do quad dominant exercises such as squats, and lunges, and hamstring dominant exercises such as deadlifts (including single leg versions), and kettlebell swings .


  • You need to make sure you are working the glutes in all their functions: extension of the torso, extension of the hip/leg, abduction, and external rotation. This means including reverse hyper extensions, x band walks, seated band abductions, and clams.


  • If you are serious about building a great ass, you HAVE to read Bret Contreras’ work. Go to his website. Buy (and DO) his book, Strong Curves. He is the Glute Guy, has researched glute development, and has made it his specialty.

Breakin’ it down…

To Build Muscle in the Booty

You MUST do heavy hip thrusts and glute bridges.

Learn  the full body compound lifts (squats, deadlifts, kettlebell swings) and DO THEM HEAVY.

Work the glutes in all their functions.

Read Bret Contreras.

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