Aligned and Awesome

Move Better. Feel Better. Be Better

Are you experiencing nagging aches and pains?

Have you tried massage therapy, chiropractic, and other natural modalities that are only giving you temporary relief?

Do you feel limited in your movement, and want to be able to walk, run after your kids/grandkids, play recreational sports, and in general move with ease, and without pain?

Do you want to feel strong and resilient until you’re 100?

breathing from your diaphragm Kristi Joy Wilkins

I’ve got the answer for you in Aligned and Awesome!

In Aligned and Awesome, you will learn how to develop functional strength, achieve pain relief, ease of movement, and establish the basis for long-term wellness.

Aligned and Awesome is a one month program for an amazing and awesome woman (that’s you!) who is just not feeling amazing and awesome. We’ll meet once a week for one month.You’ll start out with super simple, baby steps that will bring you results.

What you get with Aligned and Awesome:

  • 2 Movement screens to assess your movement patterns.
  • Learn corrective movement and stretching exercises to increase joint range of motion, and joint stability, and to reduce pain.
  • Learn basic body weight strength training to strengthen and stabilize you for every day life.
  • Learn self massage techniques so that you can reduce pain and muscle soreness in your own home.
  • Learn correct breathing for optimum oxygen delivery to your whole body.
  • Learn proper alignment for standing, sitting, walking, and daily activities.
  • Learn a daily mobility sequence that will energize you.

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And if we haven’t met yet…

Hi there Beautiful! I’m Kristi Joy–Lover of All-Things-Movement, high heels, funky hair, ecstatic sex, and Jumping Off Into the Unknown.

Kristi Joy Wilkins Beautiful Strength

Why do I want to help women feel and be strong, confident, sensual, and Bad Ass?

Because I know what it feels like to be uncomfortable in your own skin, and I know what it feels like to be strong, and Bad Ass!

Because I love to MOVE, to help others move well, and come home into their bodies.

What experience and training do I have to help you?

  • I’ve been a mover/dancer all my life (got my B.A. in dance)
  • I’ve been coaching people how to align their bodies for a bit (since 2011)
  • I did some hard-ass yoga practice (6 ish years)
  • I’ve been doing massage and bodywork for awhile (since 2003)
  • I suck into my brain all the information I can on movement, strength training, nutrition,health, and how to live an awesome life in general. Then, I mix it around in there, make the connections, and bring it back out for you in a comprehensive step-by-step program.


Upon completion of the Aligned and Awesome program, you will have a simple daily movement practice that will energize you. You will begin to see a significant reduction in your chronic aches and pains. You will stand taller, and feel more confident. You will feel strong, and be empowered to take control of your own health.

Are you ready to be Aligned and Awesome?

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