Be a Divine Badass

Transform your physique into strong, sexy, muscular curves!

cropped-photo-shoot-141.jpgYou want to feel like a Bad ass–strong, lean, ready for anything life throws your way.  You want that defined, sculpted, muscular shape.  You want to feel empowered, confident, and rewarded for the hard work that you’re already putting in.

You’ve been doing some regular aerobic exercise and maybe some light weight training, but your results have stalled. Maybe you’ve even heard that resistance training is really important for longevity and bone health as you get older.

But where do you even start? The gym can be so intimidating… What do you do with those weird machines? Do you do free weights? What if you hurt yourself? And all those sweaty muscle-y guys… they might laugh…

You know you’ve got that awesome Divine Badass on the inside, but you’re having trouble bringing it out so that everyone can see.

You’re tired of jumping around from one class to the next, one diet to the next, one exercise method to the next. You’ve got the motivation thing down, but nothing you’re doing is giving you the physique results you want. You need a system to follow that will bring you results. You need a plan.

I’ve got the plan.

Be a Divine Badass is a 3 month program that will empower you to feel and be Bad Ass–to be your own version of awesome!

Through strength training and simple nutrition you will transform your physique to strong, sexy, muscular curves.

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What you get with Be a Divine Badass:

  • 2 movement sessions every week for 12 weeks, plus initial intake session.
  • 2 strength training plans customized to your ability level. Plans include bodyweight training, and kettlebell training.
  • 1 at home training plan.
  • 2 Movement screens  to assess your strengths and weaknesses.
  • You’ll learn systems for effective goal setting and figuring out what you really desire.
  • Email review of sessions and homework assignments for the week.
  • Simple, effective, no frills nutrition plan to follow. You don’t have to give up eating anything you love!
  • You’ll learn correct and safe technique for all body weight, kettlebell exercises.
  • All equipment provided for you in my studio.
  • You’ll learn corrective exercises and stretches that will increase your range of motion and joint stability, and will reduce pain.
  • You’ll learn correct breathing for optimum oxygen delivery to your whole body


• My cheat sheet on How to Be a Divine Badass.

What’s Covered in the Modules?

Introductory Module: Assessment of where you’re at and where you want to be, movement screen, S.M.A.R.T.E.R. goal setting.

Module 1: Alignment, correct breathing, corrective exercises, foam rolling and self-massage, movement correctives, basic bodyweight strength training.  Simple nutrition, and creating a caloric deficit.

Module 2: Intro to kettlebell training including deadlifts, swings, squats, and Turkish get ups. Eating awareness, addressing emotional, and food triggers.

Module 3: Intermediate kettlebell training, and high intensity interval training (metabolic conditioning).

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And if we haven’t met yet…

Hi there Beautiful! I’m Kristi Joy, Lover of All Things Movement, high heels, funky hair, ecstatic sex, and Jumping Off Into the Unknown.

photo shoot 152Why do I want to help women feel and be strong, confident, sensual and bad ass?

Because I know what it feels like to be uncomfortable in your own skin and I know what it feels like to be strong, and Bad Ass! Because I’ve made the journey myself.

Because I love to MOVE, and to help others move well, and come home into their bodies.

What experience and training do I have to help you?

  • I’ve been a mover/dancer all my life (got my B.A. in dance)
  • I’ve been strength training for awhile (since 2009).
  • I’ve been coaching people in how to align and strengthen their bodies for a bit (since 2011)
  • I did some hard ass yoga practice (6 ish years)
  • I’ve got my hardstyle kettlebell certification from Dragon Door.
  • I’ve been doing massage and bodywork for awhile (since 2003)
  • I suck into my brain all the information I can on movement, strength training, nutrition, health, and how to live an awesome life in general. Then I mix it around in there, make some connections, and put it all together for you.


Still not sure if this is the program for you?

Be a Divine Badass is NOT for you if:

• You are starting completely from scratch with movement and nutrition.
• You need to make a complete lifestyle change.
• You need a no bull-shitting friend to come alongside you and help you every step of the way.
• You aren’t ready to train on your own 1-2x/week.

If the above describes you, then my comprehensive Be Strong, Be Beautiful program would be better for you. The Be Strong, Be Beautiful program will not only enable you to change your physique, but your health, your attitude, and your life (to kick ass!)

Be a Divine Badass is also NOT for you if:

• You like to try a new exercise program every week.
• You prefer group exercise programs and classes to one-on-one individualized instruction.
• You are not particularly interested in changing your physique to strong and muscular, sexy curves.
• You are healthy and feel vibrant already.
• You have no interest in following a system to get results.
• You are comfortable with the way you look and feel.

However, if you are willing to follow a step-by-step plan to transform your physique into strong, sexy, muscular curves, now is the time!

Are you ready to Be A Divine Badass?

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