Fun Workouts to do at Home, Playground, Anywhere

When you’re looking for something a little out of the ordinary, are bored with your squat, press, deadlift routine, or your kettlebell swings, you want to be outside, or you just want a workout to suit your mood–try one of these fun workouts to do at home or the playground.

Fun Workouts to do at Home

The Playground Workout:

This one is fun and you can make use of whatever playground equipment you have near you.

Set your timer for 5-10 minutes and don’t stop moving. Do something on every piece of equipment available Ideas:

  • climb the play escape
  • cross the monkey bars the traditional way or crawl across the top if you’re really brave!monkeybarscrawl
  • pull ups
  • balance on beams or unstable surfaces
  • use picnic tables or park benches for box jumps and step ups
  • do fallouts or pushups using one or two swings like a TRX.

Challenge: Try going from one end of the play escape to the other using only your hands or both hands and only one foot

The Dance Party Workout:

Dancing works for any mood you’re in–happy, angry, melancholy, all you gotta do is find the right music.  Best form of therapy ever!


  • Learn a new dance form–belly dance, hooping, pole dancing
  • My favorite, simply turn on your favorite music and shake your booty. Don’t stop moving until you’ve danced 3 songs minimum!

The Mommy Time Workout:

Admittedly, not my favorite, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do! MANY of my workouts in the last 5 years have been Mommy workouts.

Ideas (all of which I’ve done!):

  • Put small babies in a carrier strapped on your body (Moby, Ergo, whatever works well for you) and do squats, lunges, and step ups.
  • Crawl Racing–race your kids from one side of the yard to the other. Do regular baby crawls, bear crawls, leopard crawls, crab crawls whatever you can come up with. Try it backwards too!
  • If you have access to a sled you can tie around your waist you can pull your kids behind you.
  • Simply walk or hike with them on your back
  • Hill climbs/sprints with child on your back
  • Get your kids involved. Littles don’t need to lift heavy or do structured exercise, but they do love to imitate. Get kid size kettlebells (5 or 10lbs) that they can lift and do kettlebells like mommy does.
  • Floor and overhead press your baby

Challenge: Turkish Get Up using the child as your weight. Only do this if you’re really confident in your turkish get up. I dropped my Bub doing this one once (mommy fail!)

The Angry Workout:

Try this one when your life is going to shit and/or someone’s really hurt you

  • tire flipping
  • punching bag
  • sledge hammering tires
  • Slamming a medicine ball at the floor or wall

Optional: Shouting well chosen expletives

For more simple and fun workouts to do at home, take a look at this bodyweight workout and 25 sneaky ways to boost your physical activity.

For a super simple way to get yourself moving every day try this joint mobility routine–a little belly dance, a little yoga, a little fun.

Remember, to do what you can with what you have, be creative, and have fun!

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