Joint Mobility Routine–a Little Belly Dance, a Little Yoga, a Little Fun

joint mobility routine Kristi Joy Wilkins

I offer you this joint mobility routine as a quick, easy, and effective way to get you moving without a lot of thought. No excuses anymore, just roll out of bed and DO IT!

Joint Mobility Routine


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If you are starting from the ground up or trying to get your mojo back after losing yourself in your mom role, your wife role, or to the deep dark pit of depression (I’ve been there), you need to start slow and steady.

Get in the habit of making movement an everyday part of your life.

To be strong, sacred, and sensual, you have to be healthy. In order to be healthy you have to get off your ass and MOVE! Tweet This!

Don’t resolve to do an hour of cardio or lifting 6 days/week or even 4 days per week. Resolve to do ONLY 5-10 minutes of activity EVERY DAY. Then notch it up from there. Little by little, adding as you go. Make your lifestyle changes ones that you can sustain.

You can use all or just pieces of this joint mobility routine, for a short “chair break” while you’re working. You can do this at home with your kids provided they don’t climb on you. If they do, that’s okay, you don’t have to do it perfectly and child wrestling can add to the fun!


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It is what you do in all the hours in between your workout times that makes the biggest difference in your physical activity levels.  It is all the sitting you do in between your insane workouts that is killing you.The more you sit the less active you are, so for Goddess’ sake GET UP OUT OF YOUR CHAIR.

Take Aways

  • Make movement an every day part of your life
  • Start slowly with 5-10 minutes chunks
  • Be consistent

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