Photo Shoot for New Web Design, and Kick Ass New Programs Coming in February!

Heading into the photo shoot was a little unnerving for me, but after we got going I relaxed, and it ended up being fun. I get to bring out my different personalities (or show different sides of my one!)

One of these photos will end up on the (new!) website homepage and several others will be used throughout the site. New web design, new studio space, and NEW PREMIUM PROGRAMS (can you tell I’m excited :) ? ) coming for you on February 10 (my birthday!)

If you want to feel strong, confident, and sensual in your skin, with a kick ass attitude to match–but don’t know where to start–let me show you how, step-by-step, with Aligned and Awesome, Be a Divine Badass, and Be Strong, Be Beautiful.

Only 2 spaces left in the 3 and 6 month programs. I won’t be opening enrollment for these again until June.

And I’m offering a 25% discount this first time around!

Yes! I want in! Tell me more!

And some of the raw photos…

Kristi Joy WilkinsKristi Joy WilkinsKristi Joy WilkinsKristi Joy WilkinsKristi Joy Wilkins strong womenKristi Joy Wilkins double kettlebellsKristi Joy Wilkins double kettlebellsKristi Joy WilkinsKristi Joy WilkinsKristi Joy WilkinsKristi Joy WilkinsKristi Joy WilkinsKristi Joy Wilkins kettlebellsKristi Joy Wilkins kettlebells

Kristi Joy Wilkins kettlebellsKristi Joy Wilkins kettlebellsAs you can see I got a little goofy…please let me know which photos are your faves.

Are you  a 30, or 40, or 50 something woman, whose lost your mojo? Are you tired of how you look and feel? Do you want to ROCK the rest of your time on the planet?

If you want to transform your physique, your health, and your attitude to kick-ass and you are serious (no playin’ games this time!), let me help you get your Sexy, your Feel-Good, and your Bad-Ass back!  Want a preview of the programs?

Tell me more!

9 Effective Goal Setting Techniques for Weight Loss (and everything else!)

Hate to break it to you, simply choosing and writing down your goals, will not get you to your goals. But you knew that. So should you stop writing down your goals ? Heck no, there are just a few more steps in the process of effective goal setting and achievement.

(These are effective goal setting techniques for weight loss, as well as everything else.)

1. Know your Top Three Priorities in life.

2. The goals you set must be S.M.A.R.T.E.R.

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Accountable
  • Realistic
  • Time-bound
  • Emotional
  • Reviewed often

3. Know your Why? Know how you want to feel.

What’s your why?  Why do you want to achieve your goal? To be healthier? To look better? To impress someone? To prove something? To make more money? Those are all legitimate why’s. You just need to be aware of them. You might have to do a little digging. Your why’s might not be what you think they are. You must be clear and honest with yourself.

How do you want to feel when you’ve accomplished your goal?  Then, figure out what makes you feel that way. Take daily actions that cause you to feel the way you want to feel. Your Why, and your desired feelings, are your most powerful motivators. If you want to delve deep into a process for discovering your Core Desired Feelings, go to Danielle LaPorte’s website.

4. Follow a system–a plan (like Be a Divine Badass or Be Strong, Be Beautiful). Make sure it is step-by–step, incremental, progressive, and not random. This plan could be created by you, or by someone else–like me :)

5. Take action every day on one small step of your plan until that becomes habit, then add another. It can help to do it at the same time every day, but is not absolutely necessary. Although, I find it very important to have it written down as to when you are going to do it.

6. Get regular feedback by tracking your progress. “What gets measured gets managed.” Peter Drucker

Check external markers. For example, for the goal of fat loss, you need to be weighing yourself, measuring, taking pictures, measuring body fat percentage, etc.

External markers could also be less pain and more energy.

Check in with how you feel. (physically, emotionally)

What do others say? This can sometimes be misleading, true. But others sometimes notice things that we miss. This is where holding yourself accountable by having a training partner or hiring a coach is super helpful.

Are you steps closer to your goals? Staying in line with your priorities?

And to track your progress, you need to write it down. Write it down. Write it down. Write everything down. I’m a big fan of pen and paper, but if you like your tech gagdets to keep track, that’s good too. Just get it down so you can see it and review it often.

7. Be flexible and not rigid in following your system.

Being flexible, does not mean not taking action when you don’t feel like it. Being flexible does not mean taking random actions. Being flexible means you take into account how you are feeling physically, and emotionally, and what other things are going on in your life. Being flexible may mean substituting different exercises because you have an injury, or making a smart food choice at a restaurant because your friend preferred eating out over what you had on your menu plan.

8. Re-assess your system, goals, priorities, and desired feelings.

If your system isn’t working, you won’t have made progress, no matter if that same system works great for someone else. Is it working for you?  You may just need to tweak or you may need to completely change your system.

If you’ve tried several systems are none of them seem to work, go back and re-evaluate your goals, and priorities, and desired feelings. Maybe they’ve changed, or maybe (VERY LIKELY), you are not being honest with yourself about what you want. You may have “hidden” priorities. I know I did.

Maybe you don’t want it badly enough. The pain of staying the same has got to be worse than the pain of changing. Until it is, you won’t change. If a habit or lifestyle change is significant, it will take some (or A LOT OF) work to change it. It will feel painful and hard. You will want to give up. You have to be in so much pain in your current state, that you are willing to face the pain of change, the pain of your brain and body learning new things and making new connections.

This tolerance point is different for everyone.

Does it hurt enough yet?

Until it does, you won’t.


Are you ready to change? Check out this preview of my


They’re not officially launched yet, but you can get in on it early!


9. Start over again.

The point is continual improvement. When you “fall off the wagon”, get back on right away. Don’t defeat yourself by berating. The most important habit is probably that of starting again, and again, and again. This means you can’t have an all-or-nothing mindset. This means you must be at least somewhat consistent.  The more consistent you are at taking action the more successful you will be at reaching your goal.

“And the day came, when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” Anais Nin

Are you ready to blossom??


Badass and Beautiful–What I’m Working on for You…

This month marks 6 months since this website went live on June 17, with this very short and humble first post…Step by Step Workout Plan for Getting Stronger.

And my favorite posts since then…

Divine Feminine Energy

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Why You Aren’t Losing Weight

Best Work out for Weight Loss

Lifting Weights Saved My Life

So here’s what I’m working on now, and what’s coming up for YOU

  • I’ve expanded my studio space so that I have room for more equipment and more movement. We are working on setting that up now and gettin’ it all purty for you! I promise there will be pictures coming.


  • Once the new space is ready, we’ll be shooting some new photos for the website and getting up a new design for the website. Sneak peak of the new studio…

Guess who is the proud owner of this barbell?

  • I’ll be shooting some more videos for you–some intelligent, some goofy, hopefully all inspiring, informative, and kick-ass.


  • I’m working on rolling out Be a Divine Badass.  Be a Divine Badass is a 12 week program that will transform your physique into strong, sexy curves, and you into a Divine Badass! Be a Divine Badass is a meet in person, one- on-one program, not an online program. Want more on this? Contact me!


  • And I’m working on rolling out another more extensive, 6 month program, that will cover everythingmovement, strength training, corrective work, manual therapy (massage), nutrition, and changing your negative mindset. Are you interested in investing in yourself and totally changing your physique, your health, and your attitude (to kick ass)? Contact me!


  • And of course more blog posts will be coming in the New Year.

Personally, what I’m working on in my own life (yeah, besides all of the above, I know crazy, right?!!)

  • relationship stuff: (gotta do that cuz where would we be without people to love and support and people to love and support us?) Spending time with and getting into the nitty gritty (which could mean many things–wink, wink) with the J-man (Guardian of my Soul), and my Sweet Girlfriends who welcome me in with no judgement as to the state of my house (or theirs :) ) or my particular foibles and failings. And, of course, doing my best to love on my Girl Child and my Boy Child who shine like stars even as they drive their Momma to the looney bin.


  • My physical training:  I’ve been following a modified version of Mark Rippetoe’s Starting Strength model. To this model, I’ve added barbell hip thrusts or glute bridges a la Bret Contreras to increase the size, roundness, and perkiness of my booty. I’ve hit a few new milestones. My new back squat PR is now 170lbs for 3 sets of 5.  Overhead press PR is 80lbs for 3 sets of 4.  Hip thrust 200lbs for 8 reps. My easy strength gains are behind me now.  I’m entering into the intermediate trainee stage and need to start micro loading and changing up the sets and reps a bit to keep seeing progress.

As I take steps forward toward my dreams, some big bogey men are coming out of the closet for me: self-worth, self-image, body-image–yeah those ones. The movement thing, the strength training thing, the learning, and the sharing what I learn–that comes naturally to me—but the biz side, the marketing, the believing that I have something of value to offer, and valuing my services enough to charge a living wage for it? Those things are tough.

My motto right now is: Feel the fear and do it anyway! And–of course–

Life’s not Fair–Kick Ass Anyway!

So what are you gonna do?? Are you gonna kick ass in 2015? Are you gonna follow your dreams regardless? Are you gonna drop your excuses, climb over the obstacles, and do what you really want to do?? Are you gonna Be A Divine Badass??


My Kettlebell Transformation

My Kettlebell Transformation: The Journey of the last 5 years…

5 years ago this month, I picked up my first kettlebell. It weighed 15lbs. It was the first weight I’d ever really picked up (that was more than 5-10lbs).

15lb kettlebell

I was sick and tired of how I looked. I was almost 2 years post baby #1. I had been running for over a year, and still hadn’t seen the physique results that I was looking for.

Sure, I was about back to my pre-pregnancy weight, but didn’t have much muscle definition, and had extra fat around my middle.

Kristi Joy Wilkins

4 months post baby #1

I started poking around on the interwebz for info, of course. I was breastfeeding my daughter and thought maybe that was part of why I couldn’t lose the fat. I came across Lauren Brook’s article Breastfeeding and Low Body Fat. Lauren is an avid proponent of kettlebells. She is not called the Kettlebell Queen for nothing! My initial education in kettlebell training was from Lauren’s videos.

I also came across Tom Venuto’s Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle. I realized that I was going to have to pick up the weights and change my eating habits to get the transformation that I wanted.

Thank you Lauren! Thank you Tom!

“Okay, Kristi J., time to suck it up and acknowledge what you’ve denied for so long. You just can’t eat whatever you want and expect to lose fat just because you’re ‘fairly active.’ The yoga and running just aren’t going to cut it anymore. You’re gonna have to pick up the weights.”

“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten” Tony Robbins

TIME FOR A CHANGE (J-man thinks that is always my motto). I will admit that I am quick to drop things that do not work, experiment, try new things, and figure out what works. I am also very persistent.

With Christmas money, I bought my first cute little 15lb kettlebell from Target. I wasn’t sure I could handle a 20 or 25lb one :)

I started researching everything I could get my hands on about kettlebells and physique transformation.

6 months later, I had achieved my “kettlebell transformation”.  I had dropped about 10% bodyfat and gained about 5-8lbs of muscle. I was using 25lb and 35lb kettlebells.

kettlebell transformation Kristi Joy Wilkins

About 1 year after first picking up a kettlebell

The following year, I started teaching group classes and coaching one on one. I started using double kettlebells and doing some barbell work. I went through another pregnancy using double kettlebells ( double 25lbs, some double 35lbs), and a single 44lb all the way through my pregnancy.

kettlebells and pregnancy Kristi Joy Wilkins

6 months pregnant

Now I lift these

kettlebell transformation Kristi Joy Wilkins

double 35lb kettlebells

kettlebell transformation

July 2014 with a lot more muscle

Since I picked up that baby kettlebell, my confidence has soared and I’ve never been happier with my body. But, it’s gone way beyond a physique transformation for me. Strength training and quality movement have given me back my body, my connection with my Self, and with my sensuality. Lifting weights saved my life.

I’ve reclaimed my birthright to feel and be strong. sacred. sensual.


This is my mission:

I want to help you feel and be Strong. Sacred. Sensual.        through strength training, simple nutrition, and a kick-ass attitude toward life!

In honor of my 5 year kettlebell-aversary, I’m putting together a program to help you do just that!

Be a Divine Badass is a 12 week program that will transform your physique into strong, sexy curves, and you into a Divine Badass! Be a Divine Badass is a meet in person, one- on-one program, not an online program.

And I’m working on another more extensive 6 month program that will cover everything–movement, strength training, corrective work, manual therapy (massage), nutrition, and changing your negative mindset.

I’m so excited, and I’m so fucking scared shitless. I’m doing this for you. I’m doing this for me. I doing this to change the world. Yeah, I’m naive enough to think that I might be able to make a difference.  Details coming soon!

(If you absolutely just can’t wait and are serious about changing your physique, contact me NOW, and I can get you started by the new year.)

If you wanna do this and get updates,  GET ON MY LIST, BEAUTIFUL, so I can let you know what’s going on.


Weight Lifting and Depression: Life’s Not Fair– Kick Ass Anyway!

weight lifting lifts depression

busting some blues

Weight lifting as a remedy to “lift” your depression? You got it Babe!

Right now, tis the season of darkness, cold, and obligatory gift-giving. The season of getting together with your family of origin and realizing how dysfunctional you all are. What’s not to love???!!

If you are wrestling with seasonal depression at this time of year, or any time of year, or you’re a Negative Nellie (come join my club), and view Life’s glass as half full–try movement.

More specifically–Get under the bar.

You see, movement is my religion and the barbell is my Savior. Tweet This!

I say this seriously. But, whether or not you want to be heretical about it, and convert to The Church of the Olympic Barbell—movement and weight lifting can save your life.

We know that pretty much any type of exercise boosts endorphins, the “happy hormones”, but with weight lifting, you will also feel the accomplishment of meeting, and sometimes exceeding, the challenges you set for yourself.

Squatting under a heavily loaded bar, or pulling heavy weight from the floor, or pressing it over your head, has a tendency to obliterate anything else in your mind. This present- moment focus lasts not only for the duration of your workout, but also for a good amount of time afterward. (Sex can be like this too, but that is another story for another time. But, it is worth noting, that both sex, and weight lifting, are very important for your health, well-being, and combating depression.)

Weight lifting gives you the opportunity to move in the physical realm, the weight that you can’t quite seem to move in the psychological realm.

This is Kristi J. doing just that:

You will have more strength and energy on a daily basis.

And yes, if you pair weight lifting with proper nutrition, you will reap the benefits of fat loss and building muscle, and be happier with your physique.

If you are struggling with a bit (or a lot) of seasonal depression, first of all, simply GET MOVING! Then, get a coach (so you can learn how to lift correctly), and get weight lifting to move your depression.

For those of you in my area, I am expanding my studio space to include barbells in addition to kettlebells. If you are interested in working with me, please contact me!

Moving the heavy burden on your back (physically)=moving the heavy burden on your back (emotionally).

It won’t solve all your problems (except your physical ones), but it will go a long way to improving your outlook.

Instead of glass half empty, think glass half full–DRINK UP BUTTERCUP!

Life’s not fair–kick ass anyway!! Tweet This!


Breakin’ It Down:

  • Movement boosts endorphins.
  • Weight lifting gives you a huge sense of accomplishment (there’s nothing like lifting 100, 150, 200lbs or more!)
  • Lifting heavy makes you (by necessity) be in the present moment.
  • Overcoming physical challenges will often help you overcome challenges in other areas of your life.
  • Lifting gives you more strength and energy.
  • Pairing weight lifting with good nutrition, you will be happier with your physique.
  • So start with bodyweight exercises, then go HIRE A COACH, and get under the bar!

Want more like this? Sign up, Beautiful!