Step by Step Workout Plan for Getting Stronger

The Workout Plan for getting stronger–Short Version

  1. Start today
  2. Lift something heavy
  3. Next time, lift something heavier
  4. Repeat


The Workout Plan for getting stronger–Long Version:

  1. Start with only 5 minutes per day and gradually increase your training time.
  2. Learn how to lift with proper technique whether you choose to lift barbells, kettlebells, orĀ  body weight
  3. Start with a 5 minute warm up of jumping jacks, arm circles, and high knee stepping.
  4. Lift the heaviest weight you can lift correctly for 3 sets of 5 reps.
  5. Your workout plan should Include a pushing exercise, a pulling exercise, a core exercise, and a change of level exercise. You can include an explosive/ballistic exercise and a single leg exercise too if you have the time and desire. Can you do a plank? A full push up? If you can’t do a full push up, start with holding a plank for 15 seconds. Gradually increase your time to one minute. Then start doing push ups against the wall or on your knees. Need some more ideas? Check out the Beautiful Strength Bodyweight Workout.
  6. Allow your body time to recover in between training sessions.
  7. The next time you train lift more weight or make the exercise more challenging.
  8. Continue ad infinitum.
  10. Consistency is key.
  11. Consistency is key.
  12. Consistency is key. (This means you actually have to DO it! Week after week, month after month to see results and continually improve.)

What is your next action? What are you going to do RIGHT NOW to move your Beautiful Booty forward? Talk to me below!

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