Struggling with Body Image and Moving Toward Self Acceptance

You look in the mirror and all you see are your perceived flaws, you feel disgusted with how you look, you cringe at the thought of getting dressed. You are majorly struggling with body image.

You Badass

This is me telling you that you are strong, beautiful, flawed and fabulous. Celebrate the unique beauty of you! And go kick some ass!

Go to the Beautiful Strength facebook page and tell your story about struggling with body image. If you feel up for it, post your pictures of being strong, beautiful, flawed and fabulous.

I am addressing the struggle with body image, because it is all pervasive in our culture. I can pretty much guarantee that if you are a woman living in the Western world, you are struggling with body image issues on some level.

Maybe I’m not supposed to talk about this because my business is all about helping women be strong, healthy, and confident in their bodies. I make my living on helping women change their bodies.

But here is the truth: I want to help you feel strong, healthy, and confident in your body no matter what your shape or size. If you are strong, at a healthy body fat (for YOU), and are not limited in your physicality–then I don’t give a fuck what you look like as long as you are happy with you.

Trouble is, most of us, even with obsessing, and dieting, and workout out, and elaborate  beauty rituals, STILL are not happy with how we look. We are still struggling with body image.

I say “we” because, yes, I include myself in that statement. Not as often as I used to, but still, at times, I am unhappy with how I look.

I compare myself to others–wishing that I had what she has.

“Comparison is the thief of joy.” Theodore Roosevelt

There are days when I can look at other women (and men too cuz you know it’s fun to check out men every once in awhile ūüėČ and celebrate what they have that I don’t. Then, I celebrate what I have that they don’t. We all have beauty. There is no corner on the beauty market like the media would have us believe.

Here are some things I’ve found that help combat the negative messages we’re getting from the media everyday.

What helps when struggling with body image

  • For Goddess’ sake stop looking at magazines! Stay away from photoshopped airbrushed images as much as possible. Not easy to do because they are everywhere! EVERYWHERE!


  • Seek out images of actual real, live bodies–un re- touched. Find photos of women who look like you–curvy, athletic, thin, with extra fat, big boobs, little boobs, short, tall etc. Women come in all shapes and sizes. Look for the beautiful variety. One size, one shape, one un-reachable standard of beauty is boring.¬† Beauty is not in perfection and flawlessness. True beauty is found in the flaws, the differences in what makes you unique from every other woman out there. Your curvy hips, your muscular legs, your stretch marks from carrying babies in your belly, your breasts, your scars, your crooked nose.



  • Know that it is ok to struggle with body image issues. It is unavoidable in our culture.


  • If you don’t like the way you look, by all means take steps to change it. But at a certain point (which is different for every woman), continuing to focus on your external appearance to the neglect of the other aspects of you, can become a huge time and energy suck. That time and energy could be better used…mmmm I dunno, having awesome sex? Building relationships? Planting a garden? Helping others? Advancing your life’s work?


  • Know that you will never be satisfied. There will always be something else you will want to change.

Burning fat, gaining muscle and strength can help you be happier and love yourself more, but remember that is just one piece of the whole picture. Trust me don’t expect weight loss to automatically make you a happier person.

You can keep moving toward your goals and desires for your body and your life, while at the same time accepting where you are at right now, and celebrating how far you’ve come.

Along with weight loss and physique change, your inner idea of who you are has to change as well. And you are a Beautiful Badass Babe!

Next post, I’m going to share with you¬†my own¬†struggle with body image. To kick this off, I will start by posting a less than perfect picture on my¬†facebook page.


I invite you to go to the Beautiful Strength facebook page and tell your story about struggling with body image. Post your pictures of being strong, beautiful, real, raw, and imperfect. See you there!


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